2017 Honda Civic Type R Version

2017 Honda Civic Type R was premiered shown at the New York Auto Show. The model will next to compact versions offer two more: coupe and sedan version.

The body of the vehicle is built on a new global platform that delivers new opportunities.

According to the characteristics, the American edition will be similar to the European. The elegant design and dynamic lines are brought a new dimension to this model.

Exterior has an aggressive front fascia, coupe roof-line, rear spoiler, new colors and other stylistic details.

The cabin is still kept under a veil of secrecy, but Type R includes new technologies and devices that will not leave you breathless. Sports seats provide comfortable and interesting ride.

Operating system launches new turbo four-cylinder engine with high performances.

Expects is strong demand in the category of younger customers, as well as those who have a competitive spirit.

2017 Honda Civic Type R under the hood hides turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 305 horsepower. The engine will be mated to a 6-speed manual transmission that transfers power to the front wheels.

If you had the illusion that it will be available all-wheel drive, punch out from the head. Lighter chassis and torque vectoring technology are subordinate to front-wheel drive and cost savings.

True connoisseur’s opportunity for Honda tips to the next generation VTEC which will be shared with other models.

Precise control system and new suspension ensure good drive-ability. Detailed specifications shall subsequently be published.


2017 Honda Civic Type R is a 10-generation model which has a modern interior design. According to rumors, seats are anatomic and have low seating position.

Central cockpit is angled and oriented to the driver. Cabin can accommodate four passengers arranged in two rows of seats. The list of equipment includes latest electronics and advanced safety systems.

Aerodynamic package as an addition has advantage over the standard model. On sale will be during the year 2016 year and its price is not yet known.

Written by Norma Ruiz
Norma is a Honda freak. He's been using Honda autos right from the age of 11 - over 12 years ago! He has a ton of experience in Honda auto repairs and created this blog to review latest Honda autos.