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We carry a large range of individual and complete gasket sets, including many hard to find sets no longer available elsewhere in New Zealand. We can supply sets for moat of the CT,XL,XR,CR,ATC,TRX,CB, SL,=,8T,CBR,~,CBX and GL range. Due to high sales, some sets are currently on back order

Air filters
We have a wide range in stock, Some are genuine, some after market. We Carry a wide range of 1970'S and 1980's filters

Speedo, tach, throttle, clutch, brake, decompression We have classified them by size and fitment as well as Honda part number. If you can supply dimensions, we will have a look for you

Engine parts
Pistons, rings, seals, camchains & tensioners

We have a simply massive selection of carby parts We operate an exchange diaphragm replacement service. You send us your old piston/diaphragn, and we replace the diaphragm with a new item

We have recently imported a large range of new late model cycle parts, simply too many to list them all, but here are some examples

CBR900, CBR1000 VFR750, ST1100, VFR400 MC24/NC30

CBR1000, XRV750 CB1000, CB750 '91, VFR750,

Ignition switches
CBR600'95, VT1100 '94-196, VFR750, XRV750, VF1100C GLISO0C2 Valkyrie, GL1200, VFR750, XLV750, CX500, CX500 Euro, XBR500* Note that these are all new stock. We have a wide range already in stock


We provide the largest range of new XR parts available in New Zealand. Not in stock? We can get it for you Amongst our new shipment are XR200 and XR250 shocks. They fit

XR200 (1986,1987,1995-6)
XR250 (1993-4)

Retail Price 
Rear shock assy  $551
Damper unit (only XR200 '87)  $493
XR200 specials (while stocks last)
O.E. indicators  $ 35ea.
Needle jets $ 31.50
Wiring loom $ 95.00
Right sidecover
Seat (1999) one only available  $337.50
Coil XRB200  $ 67.50
Handlebar switch *
* Also suits other XR models
* Note these are retail prices
XL/XR250 '82-'83* crankshaft * 
* Can be used on '78-'81 with easy modification

Fork boot set XR500 179/XL250 182 (15x53X265m)

Rear sprocket 41201 KB7 670 (0245-47) 

Front rim O.E. Honda 1.85x21 
CR250 flatslide carby 191 
WRX400 front diff. gear sat 
Gear lever XL250 178-181 (will fit many models) 
ATC200 ignition switch 
XR500 '79-'82 .25 Hi comp. piston kit* 
*Uses genuine Honda parts
XL60ORf front caliper 
Front disc (VFR) 275mm 6 hole, 165MM c/c 
CB750/900 washable O.E. replacement air filter 
VT11100C indicators # 33450 MM8 610 

Please contact us if we can help you find parts for your Honda.